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7 Phones, 2 Ultrabooks, 3 Tablets, 2 Coffee Cups and 1 Very Understanding Wife!

That’s the formula for what is shaping up to be a very successful geek weekend!

So, what have we been up to so far? James arrived on Thursday night, so we caught up for an hour or so before getting a good night’s sleep in.

On Friday, after getting set up, we started with a discussion of what we wanted to achieve, both long term and this weekend.

The Setup

Typically we both work independently, so we had a few things to demo to each other of some new core components that will form part of BringCast v4.0.0.

Around lunch time, we hooked up with Mr Travis Lowdermilk (of Windows Developer Show fame!!) for a video chat and general UX geek out about our various pain points with BringCast’s current UX. This picture shows Travis drawing on his whiteboard via video chat!


It was an awesome session and certainly gave James and me lots to think about with regard to our planned UX overhaul for v4.

After a well-earned lunch break in the San Diego sunshine, James and I got back to coding for a few more hours.

We’ll keep you guys posted on what today brings! #GW14

Update: We of course are aware that there are TWO very understanding wives. The author of the blog post was referring to the wife that is hosting the two geeks

BringCast 3.0, 3.01, 3.02 update

Hello there Dear readers. It’s been a while since we posted any updates here so let’s fix that right now. Here’s what’s been going on:

BringCast 3.0 [for Windows Phone]

Back on July 11th we finally shipped BringCast 3.0 for Windows Phone. I must say this release felt like a marathon. V2 came out way back in 2011 and 3.0 has proved really hard despite the doubling of the dev team (man it is so amazing to have Mark on board!). We did a lot of foundational work including a bunch of refactoring and the build out of our cloud service (which hasn’t yet gone live); by the time 3.0 shipped pretty much the entire app had been rewritten from the ground up with the future in mind. Thanks to input from Travis Lowdermilk we also decided to redo the whole UX. We literally threw away everything that existed and started again. We hope you like the results. Well that’s all done and dusted now and we’re been moving onwards and upwards..

BringCast 3.01 revenge of the Charcoal Skin

Shortly after doing 3.0 we released a minor update with some bug fixes and a new charcoal skin:

This release also included 20 or so new feeds as requested by users. Mark has been working wonders on our parser infrastructure enabling us to expand our feed support. Keep the requests coming.

BringCast 3.02

There are still a couple of features and bug fixes we want to get out on the 3x codebase. The first is playlist re-ordering. This was something we wanted in 3.0 but it didn’t make the cut. We’re not quite done building this yet but not far off.. here is a video James shot at the weekend:

There are a couple more smallish tweaks and bug fixing we’ll be doing this release… After this it will be full steam ahead to..

The Future

We have made a massive investment in portability in BringCast 3.x and we are going pedal to the metal to leverage this into a 4.x series of releases specifically targeting Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. We have a few more milestones of work to get things where they need to be after which we’ll be going into beta for BC4. This will be another big release that we are extremely excited about. We will start to take advantage of Windows Phone 8 features such as bigger screen size and faster launch times. This is also the time when we hope to bring a unique set of features to Windows 8 for the first time.. specifically targeting Windows 8.1 and a bunch of the new APIs that will enable us to do interesting things. We don’t want to say too much just yet as we want to make sure we can get everything working before posting too many details.

We also sorely need to update our web presence; this is also in the plan for the near term.

So.. thanks for your patience. It is hard work building software in our sparse spare time and frustrating at times and the ongoing encouragement and support of our loyal users helps to motivate us to keep moving forwards. Stay tuned!

Thx as ever

James and Mark