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Articles Version 1.2 Now Available

Version 1.2 of Articles is now available in the Windows Phone Store! This is a small maintenance release, with the following changes:-

  • Increases timeouts slightly to avoid “cannot refresh” errors
  • Fixed an issue where article tweet length could be over 140 characters
  • Fixed an issue where going “back” to the app could sometimes cause the article to not be rendered
  • Guarded against a few common errors
  • Some synchonrization improvements and optimizations

Get it now!

BringCast 3.0 will be cloud enabled

Announcement: the next version of BringCast will be cloud enabled.  We’re not talking about specifics right now apart from:

  • User data such as subscription lists will be roamed through the cloud
  • Data will roam between Windows Phone and a future Windows 8 version of the client
  • There will be a web front end for users that have purchased the app enabling subscription management among other features.

We’re also investing a lot of time and energy in feed request management.  Expect an update to BringCast 2.0 in the next few weeks including a bunch of new feeds as well as a better feed request handling mechanism.

As ever, thanks to all our users and customers for their continued support!

What’s going on with BringCast 2.0?

Hi There.. just wanted to post a (long overdue) update on what’s going on with BringCast 2.0.

Things have been a little hectic recently.  The Day Job has been consuming a considerable amount of time culminating in the recent //BUILD/ conference.. big news from my team 🙂  But, none-the-less we have been making some progress on BringCast 2.0 in the intervening period.

BringCast 2.0 for Windows Phone “Mango:

This is the next update for BringCast for Windows Phone.  The two main features that this release will include are support for:

  1. Background Audio
  2. Background Downloads

Both of these are features that are enabled by new APIs in the Windows Phone Mango release and it’s fair to say that both have had their implementational challenges.  Still, they are up and running in builds which is great news.  We are now working on fixing up bugs so that we can get BringCast 2.0 out in a timely manner.  To that end we’ve decided to focus the next release on these two main features in order to get an update out sooner rather than later; there are other new things in “Mango” that we’d like to take advantage of in the future but we figure that users would rather have an update sooner with fewer features rather than a Mondo update at some indeterminate future date.  Plus background audio is really a must have.  There are some other features in BringCast v2.0 that users will appreciate but we’ll save talking about those until we are ready to ship some bits 🙂

BringCast 2.0 for codename “Windows 8”

Since the day job is all about big Windows, we’ve also been devoting some time to porting BringCast 2.0 to that platform.  Specifically we’ve been investing time in making the core of BringCast portable between Windows Phone and Windows 8 so that we can leverage shared code going forwards.  We’ve not yet spent significant effort on a full-blown Metro style user interface but here is a screenshot of the early test UI that exists so far running on top of the shared core:

WP 000141

More news as time permits.

BringCast 1.4 is out

BringCast 1.4 was accepted into the Windows Phone marketplace yesterday (7/12).  Appologies for how long it took to get it out 🙁 Not many major changes for this release.. primarily fixes in the parser as well as a large number of new feeds added to the database as well as some behind the scenes infrastructure changes for the future.  The changelog is here.  Out of interest, one of the reasons that I was unable to release many database updates for 1.3 was due to the fixes in the parser needed to support feeds that were being requested.

From a development perspective, now we move onwards to BringCast 2.0 for Windows Phone Mango and [redacted] 🙂  There is plenty of Mango goodness.. the plan is to start with enabling Background Audio and OS managed Background Downloading.  I’ll post a YouTube video once those are working.