BringCast 3.8.3 is Available!

BringCast 3.8.3 is available now in the Windows Phone Store! This update includes the following changes:

  • Support for podcasts from PodcastOne. We love the work Rob Greenlee did for podcasting at Microsoft, and he’s now CTO over at PodcastOne! BringCast can now process podcast feeds from PodcastOne, and we’ve even added a bunch to the built-in database!
  • Expanded podcast database. A whole bunch of user-requested feeds have been added.
  • Updating database now updates subscriptions automatically. In the past, if a podcast publisher changed the URL of their show, users would have had to unsubscribe and re-subscribe. With this new release, when you update your database (via SettingsĀ > Database > Check for Database Updates), we’ll automatically patch any URLs that have changed!
  • Bug fixes. We fixed the top six bugs being reported by users

Grab the update now and enjoy!

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