Epic Saturday

Saturday of Geek Weekend was EPIC. Here’s what we did:

  • Made amazing progress on what will become BringCast 4.0.0. We started work on a major overhaul of the user experience, fleshed out a lot of ideas, and got various proof-of-concepts working
  • Pushed out two betas of BringCast 3.8.3. The new version has PodcastOne feed support, improved database handling so it will now patch any URLs that have changed in subscriptions, and we also fixed the top bugs
  • Automated some of the time consuming steps of processing podcast feed requests, which resulted in…
  • …pushing out two podcast database library updates which all users can benefit from right now (Settings > Database > Check for Database Updates)

Today (Sunday) is the last day of Geek Weekend. We’re excited to see what we’ll achieve!

More later… 🙂

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