BringCast 3.8.2 Is Live!

BringCast v3.8.2 is now live in the Windows Phone Store! You can get it here! The change log is as follows:

  • Expanded podcast database
  • Supports new “wp-podcast” URI app protocol
  • Bug fixes

Let’s drill into those!

We’ve been busy adding your podcast requests to the database. While you can easily update this over-the-air via Settings > Database > Check for Database Update, we like to always ship the latest version with each update. See earlier blog posts for details of all the new podcasts that have been added here and here.

The “wp-podcast” protocol is a project spearheaded by our friend Rob Irving, author of the great app, Car Dash.

Rob proposed the idea of having a standard “podcast protocol” to enable apps on the phone to easily interact with whatever podcasting app a user might have installed. This makes life easier for developers, as they can make their app work with a single podcast protocol, and have the confidence that other apps that implement it will integrate also.

Rob worked with us and also Mark Monster of P|Cast to flesh out and stabilize the protocol, and now Car Dash, P|Cast and of course BringCast have all been updated to use it. The end result is more seamless integration between the apps! Rob has detailed the protocol on his blog, here.

3.8.2 also squashes a lot of bugs. We tackled the topmost bug occurrences to give everybody a more reliable experience. The keen-eyed amongst you may notice we dropped the animated transitions between the pages. This fixes a weird graphical glitch that Steve Litchfield at AAWP was seeing on his particular combination of a Lumia 1020 with the Black update installed. We’re glad to have that one squashed, and we quite like the lack of transitions – it seems to make everything that bit faster!

Go get BringCast 3.8.2 now from the store. BringCast 3.0.4 for our WP7 will be coming soon, too!

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