A Tale of Two Versions (Sorry!)

Dear users,

We pushed out an update to our beloved Windows Phone 7 users over the weekend. Version 3.0.4 addresses the top bugs and shows our commitment to our users on the older version of the OS.

Unfortunately, when pushing this update out, we inadvertently managed to vaporize the Windows Phone 8 application package, containing BringCast 3.8.1!! This manifested itself on user’s devices by the Store offering to “upgrade” our WP8 users to the WP7 version of the app!! Not something we planned, or that you guys wanted, we’re sure…!

So – please accept our apologies. This was a mistake and we’re working fast to fix it. BringCast 3.8.2 for WP8 is currently pending approval, and as soon as it is available, it will fix those users who got downgraded. We can confirm that subscriptions and settings will be restored when 3.8.2 is installed!

If you’re still running BringCast 3.8.1, please do not update from the store until we give the all clear. Sorry again for this mistake! Hopefully everyone will be up and running again in the next day or two.

Just another day in the life of software developers… 🙂

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