BringCast 3.0 Update

Hey everyone!

Mark here. I thought it would be good to jot down some words about the current state of BringCast 3.0 development!

Firstly, apologies that it’s taking a long time. James and I are super busy with our day jobs, so we only get a few hours each week to chip away at BringCast development. But, rest assured the project is still alive and well and we’re ensuring we get everything right.

The last few weeks have seen some UI tweaks – as you guys requested, we’ve toned down the usage of “BringCast green” on all the screens to make things more readable. Here are some screenshots of the latest iteration of the UI:

wp_ss_20130424_0001 wp_ss_20130424_0002 wp_ss_20130424_0003

We’ve also re-branded “What’s New” as the “Inbox”. We figured this was a ubiquitous term that people understood and it can apply to podcast episodes just like it does to email!

A lot of our recent work has been around the RSS feed parser. We’ve decided to make this core part of BringCast completely portable. It has also been re-coded to make it easier to test so that we can more easily fix problem feeds through it that you guys report!

Also, as we talked about previously, BringCast 3.0 for Windows Phone 7.5 will not include cloud mode. That will be deferred until BringCast 4.0, for Windows Phone 8. So, we’ve also been working on making “offline” mode work as seamlessly as possible.

We’re aware from users that BringCast 3.0 Beta 1 recently expired. We plan to ship Beta 2 in the next few days to address this.

Many thanks for all the feedback and support!


Mark & James

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