New beginnings for Clarkezonesoftware as ObjectivePixel

Hello to all and Happy New Year for 2013!

Number one resolution for this year is to do a better job at posting on the blog 😉 As a first post, we will actually take the chance to repost the big announcement that we were tweeting back in October but omitted to post here.

Public Beta for BRINGCAST 3. Formation of ObjectivePixel: a new partnership between Clarkezonesoftware and Oz-Ware.

10/29/2012 Redmond, WA & San Diego, CA

We’re super excited to announce two news items: The immediate release of a beta preview of BRINGCAST 3 for Windows Phone as well as the formation of ObjectivePixel, a new joint-venture between Clarkezonesoftware and Oz-Ware.

BRINGCAST 3 has been in development for over a year. It is a dramatic new release of BRINGCAST, the original podcasting app for Windows Phone. A completely new UI, rewritten, re-architected from the ground up to work with both Windows Phone and WinRT, the first phase of a new wave of products is released to marketplace in beta form for the phone today. Backed by cloud services and underpinned by social integration, BRINGCAST 3 offers a dynamic new way to experience podcasts on Windows Phone putting the playback experience front and center.  BRINGCAST 3 for Windows Phone is feature complete and will be released to marketplace once a reasonable beta period has been sustained.  Versions for Windows 8 and other platforms will follow due course.

James Clarke, founder of Clarkezonesoftware and Mark Osborn, founder of Oz-Ware share a held belief in high quality apps with beautiful UX that pay attention to detail and go deep in solving specific end-user problems. The formation of ObjectivePixel unites their passion and skills into a new entity where the collective is greater than the sum of the parts. ObjectivePixel’s mission is to release beautiful, socially enabled apps and communities for today and tomorrow’s exciting device and cloud platforms such as Windows Phone, Surface and Facebook. Both existing apps: BRINGCAST and Articles, will be contributed to the new publisher with more to come in the future. Follow @objectivepixel on twitter to stay in touch with Mark and James as they embark on this new side project which will live right here at

Mark’s (@ozziepeeps) day job is as a Senior Software Developer on the data services API team at CoStar Group. He loves gadgets, music and clean code.

James (@clarkezone) works as Principal Lead Program Manager on the Windows Client Engineering team at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA. He has always been fascinated with mobile, social software development.  He loves performance i.e. fast code 🙂

* To get the beta, send email to subject “BRINGCAST 3 beta BBB”:  Important: to avoid disappointment email must come from the Microsoft Account associated with marketplace account on your phone.

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