GW2012.1 is over :-(

It’s not often you get to start over. This weekend was one of those rate opportunities. We started with a rough Blend Prototype and ended with an 85% functional UI rebuild. Along the way much was learned and exchanged. The resut is very definitely fast and fluid. The most valuable reminder was that User Experience is King. UX is software. If UX is bad, your software will suck. So here is the evolution: current store image for Bringcast 2 (shipping version), UI evolution that has been around for a year or so (not shipped), UI redesign that will be the new Bringcast 3 main screen. Mark and I are exceedingly happy with the results and are excited to complete the work and finally ship a beta. We decided today that we will not ship the beta until we are 100% feature complete. So I’m hoping we’ll be out in time for BUILD and the BUILD blogger bash. But we will not sacrifice quality or user experience in the process. If it jerks, staggers, pops it will get fixed before we ship. I think folks that care about podcasting will be happy 😉


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